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I have long dreamed of finding my soul mate, joining my other half, existing in another, loving or being loved...

I looked for you everywhere in the faces I met, in the streets I walked through, in the movies I saw, in the mountains and the rivers...

With just one click of fate you are in front of me; I discover the purity of your face, the radiance of your smile, the magic of your soul... It's true... You are the beloved.

The word impossible at Touhfat Al Arouss goes away with a simple click of charm!!!


Touhfat Al Arouss

We are a multicultural dating and marriage agency that has fulfilled the dreams of thousands of serious people who are looking for their halves, their dream dates.

Many people have trusted Touhfat Al Arouss to find a person compatible with their expectations thanks to the good advice of our experts.

The personalized access to our services and the richness of our virtual platform are assets that connect singles to joy and happiness. Among our missions vis-à-vis our partners: the installation of a new serene marriage culture, the provision of a team of experts in coaching, personal development, psychology, rights, religion, makeovers , styling, aesthetics and other services that make the life of the couple pleasant and happy, all with just one click.

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Marriage is a Concept?

Marriage is the promise we make to each other to embark on the path to happiness together. No matter the country, no matter the culture, this promise will always be the same. Nowhere in the world will a gesture be purer and more wonderful than the marriage of two people who love each other. It has often been said that love is stronger than anything and knows no barriers or prejudices. Of all times, of all cultures, marriage is the most sublime way to express one's love. However, from one culture to another, there are some particularities of which you will find an overview here.
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